Monday, October 29, 2007

Heartbreaking guest post from Sticky Fingers!

Chad Walldorf of Sticky Fingers wrote in today with this heartbreaking news:
I feel terrible for not letting you know before the fact but thought it better to hear from us....our shared idol stopped by to Sticky Fingers on Saturday night to pay homage to his portrait(s) and do some politicking....I've attached some photos. He worked the room - even kissed a baby - gave a funny stump speech extolling the virtues of South Carolina's barbecue, shrimp, and peaches, did a short interview with me and then sat down to have dinner with his extended family (in-laws and siblings included).

The coolest thing was that the table next to him was a table of guys from the Air Force who were visting a buddy stationed in Charleston - he brought them in to see the portrait cause they were huge fans of the show and they obviously got way more than they bargained for. I told Colbert so he bought them a round of drinks and then took pictures with them so they were completely stoked. The only thing missing were the Feminists for Colbert and I apologize for not having thought to let you know he was coming. I'm hopeful that they will be back and if so we will try and let you know in advance of the visit.


Okay, Chad, because you wrote so nicely to tell us this news yourself, we'll forgive you on one condition: ribs, Chad, we need RIBS! You know there's nothing feminists like more than delicious barbecued ribs! Well, equality between the sexes--but second to that, it's ribs.

And just wait 'til we get our sticky fingers all over that unfaithful Stephen Colbert, who came to Charleston and didn't even seek us out.


Margaret said...

mmmmm so sweet and tasty... mmmmmm...

the ribs i mean, yeah, that's it, THE RIBS. you guys are sick.

Taylor said...

We do love our ribs... I think it's the whole Genesis connection