Monday, July 23, 2007

Feminism = Pole Dancing?

--A guest post from Taylor, FFC staffer

On this past Monday's episode of the Colbert Report, Stephen gained back some of the love he had tainted and crushed by not mentioning our blog or wearing the Full Frontal Feminism t-shirt we at FFC sent him when Jessica Valenti was on the show. How did he do this? A little segment called "Difference Makers."

As a segue into the segment, Stephen noted that he believes women should have the same rights as men, and he publicized the fact that women only make $0.77 for every dollar a man makes for performing the same job with the same qualifications (incidentally, in his home state and ours, South Carolina, white women only make $0.72 for every dollar, and women of color make even less). Then he made a "note to self" to hire more women...

But the best part is the "Difference Maker" herself, Johnna Mink. Johnna would like to be "a role model for other women." How does she attempt to achieve this? Well, by teaching "pole dancing for the real woman" of course! Noting it's not your "typical feminism," but "if feminism is empowering, then pole dancing is feminist." Cut to Mink spinning -- "the most empowering" move--spread eagle on a pole.

One student of Mink's notes that classic feminist pursuits have been fighting for the right to vote and equal pay stuff, but pole dancing is better than classical feminism! It's "sexy and allows one to tap into their sensual creature."

So, thank you, Johnna Mink the "Susan B. Anthony of pole dancing." You have, as the manager of Larry Flynt's Hustler club said, "Put the feminine back in feminism." You have changed the idea that feminists are "hairy, butch, nasty lesbians," by reminding us to "point our toes," "use our hair" and "raise our hips" and allowed men not to "feel like pigs" for watching women spin spread eagle on poles.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pole-dancing, feminism, and more reasons to love Colbert

Things have been a little slow around FFC this summer (in our defense, it is like a million degrees here, and everything moves a little slower). We were working on a post about Colbert's recent expose of the pole dancing feminist, but then we saw that Jenn Pozner of WIMN's Voices has already done it. Check out Jenn's recent post which includes clips from the show as well as a shout out to US!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The sad story of FFC at the Riverdogs game

Three Feminists for Colbert went to the game on Saturday to see Colbert pitch a pint of Americone Dream. Here's the story:

Taylor reports, "We totally missed Colbert because we got downtown 15 min later than our original meeting time and then I left the tickets in the car when we were a block away from the car :(. Then it started to pour down rain!"

Photographer Margaret explains, "Here is Grace just before we went into the Joe. She is wondering if it will, in fact, rain. (It will.)"

Here we are in our seats trying to stay strong even though we missed Colbert's pint-pitching.

Us, not even wet yet -- trust me. Are still optimistic that somehow the rain will go away and the sun will come out.

Ultimate broken heart sadness.

Taylor says: "We got soaking wet and looked like wet rats, but it wasn't all bad."

Colbert, is this you also leaving the game? If it is, you ran a red light and we are going to tell on you.

Taylor reports, "We went to my apartment and dried our clothes, watched Harry Potter (the second one) and then went to Sonic."

Thus ends the sad story of FFC at the Riverdogs game.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Colbert in Charleston!

All you Feminists for Colbert should know that The Man Himself will be in Charleston this Saturday, July 7, at the Riverdogs game. Certain FFC are already preparing to stalk him (although in the most loving, nonthreatening way). Can we suggest that this might be the time for folks to show up at the stadium in their Full Frontal Feminism t-shirts?