Monday, February 9, 2009

It's been awhile....

Here at Feminists for Colbert, we seemed to have dropped the ball...alas, we have been quite busy, one of us graduated, one of us had a baby--a new Colbert devotee--and one of us went on sabbatical....and dropping the ball was not all of our fault, there was that writer's strike which prevented Colbert from coming to our turf--we even had a feminist interning for him so we could be in his inner circle!

However, HUGE HUGE HUGE news! WE ARE GOING TO MEET STEPHEN COLBERT!!! That's right! In March, two members of the Feminists for Colbert team will embark on a trip to the mystical land called "New York City" and will attend a taping and get a special VIP visit with Colbert!!!

How did this wonderfulness happen? Did it have to do with our wooing of Stephen? Um, no, it didn't... A lovely man by the name of McAlister awarded one of our lovely contributors with this special prize pack for watching the stuff he won at a charity auction.

Anyway, we are coming March 4th! Let the countdown begin!

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