Friday, September 28, 2007

Colbert in Vanity Fair

Check out the latest issue of Vanity Fair for an article about Colbert. Feminists for Colbert were interviewed for this article, and although we didn't make it in, it's still pretty interesting (and the author, Seth Mnookin, is a really nice guy--and young! Check him out here).

I know it's not particularly feminist to objectify men, but doesn't Colbert look excellent in this photo?


Margaret said...

COLBERT LOOKS EXCELLENT X 400. mmmmmm.... tastier than americone dream. i mean, i wasn't objectifying, no...

Taylor said...

umm... Colbert is one sexy beast! It is not objectification, it's the appreciation of beauty!

Oh, yeah, about two weeks ago Colbert was in Parade Magazine talking about the death of father and brother and how humor helped him through the difficult times