Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stephen Colbert: On Notice

I'm sure you all saw last night's Colbert Report, when Stephen interviewed feminist blogger Jessica Valenti. Jessica did a great job and sounded smart even when Stephen himself seemed to run out of questions for her. But the big disappointment of this show: Feminists for Colbert got no shout outs at all.

One FFC had this to say:
My heart broke a little, and to be honest, I may love Colbert a little less for not mentioning us in the perfect moment. There were several chances. When she said feminism needed to be fun, umm we are fun feminists! Also, with the t-shirt she gave him, an example of feminists chicks who dig him would have been waranted.
Last night's show would also have been the perfect opportunity for Stephen to show off the autographed Full Frontal Feminism t-shirt we sent him last month...but no.

So Stephen Colbert, you are On Notice. We're going to need to see a little love for your Charleston feminist fanbase, or you may find that you are Dead To Us.


Chimdi said...

I think you guys are getting a bit too offended. Are you sure he's even heard of this website?

Taylor said...

Ummm... too offended?! I don't think so! We sent him a shirt and his personal assistant knows about the website. If he doesn't know, he doesn't check his mail. So he is ON NOTICE!!

Elaine Vigneault said...

Don't make threats you can't keep.

Meaculpa said...

First of your blog. Secondly, tons of people send Stephen photos, letters, etc...every single day...and never get a mention. However, some do. But, naturally, he can't mention everyone.

Be proud of the fact that ths wonderful book was discussed on such a high profile television show. Be happy that the uber -cool Jessica Valenti had the opportunity to be a guest on TCR and participate in what I believe to have been a great interview.

Women's and Gender Studies said...

Listen, people, do you not watch the show? "Dead To Me" is a Stephen Colbert schtick. We're *actually* showing our love for him by using his own jokes against him. This is not a death threat, folks.