Monday, May 7, 2007

Nikki loves Stephen Colbert

Nikki Hardin, one of the Famous Feminist Charlestonians Who Loves Colbert, takes it to the next level. Oh, Stephen, if only you were here!


Margaret said...

I love this!! I bet Nikki would like Colbert with ketchup too. Ketchup, and chocolate sauce, and whipped cream, and you know.. things.

Amy said...

Just wanted to say hello from a Columbia feminist (saw your site on Love the blog!

(also, love that Skirt!'s July issue is going to be an issue celebrating feminism!)

RM said...

This is seriously the most awesome and hilarious thing ever. I love Stephen Colbert something fierce.

Btw, came here by way of Feministing :)

Women's and Gender Studies said...

Thanks so much, Amy and RM!